A simple consultation to discuss your online goals can lead to some of the greatest ideas.  When we are able to identify the direction you need to take your business, we can implement a strategy to guarantee you achieve your goals!

SEO Consulting:

A thorough examination of your online business environment including:

  • Your current Internet marketing strategy and SEO practices and campaigns
  • Your main competitors.  Particularly those who currently rank above you.
  • The value of your current website and examination of how well it is optimized.
  • The products and services that you offer and how they are presented.

Web Strategy Consulting:

For your company to succeed online, we will start with a thorough analysis of:

  • Your market, including the competition, trends, and the challenges faced when trying to enter or expand in this market.
  • Your customer, including demographics, behaviors, and buying trends.
  • Your products and services, including the features and benefits and how to present them.
  • The presentation of your website and the efficiency of the web copy.